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Resolving pain and infection, replacing missing teeth and securing loose dentures by providing cost-effective treatment alternatives.


Welcome to Timothy M. Barber, DMD


After nearly 20 years in practice, Dr. Timothy M. Barber has experienced and provided care in almost every aspect of dentistry. Recently, after working in "Corporate Dentistry", Dr. Barber re-entered private practice with the realization that there are defined areas of dentistry where he feels he can make the largest impact in people's lives.

1) There are many folks who suffer each day with loose or ill-fitting dentures. (Mostly lower dentures.) With his extensive experience in Dental Implantology, Dr. Barber realized the need to provide a cost-effective way to help those folks have a better life by securing their loose denture.

With the advent of MINI Dental Implants, which are placed with a micro-surgical technique, you can oftentimes avoid incisions, stitches and the higher cost of traditional implants.

Dr. Barber offers special pricing on dentures and implant supported dentures to help you afford a new smile that stays in place without denture adhesive.

AND Dr. Barber will perform your Implant procedure himself...start to finish with ONE DOCTOR. No more running from office to office to have Extractions, Implants and/or Dentures.


2) There are also people who have one, or a couple of teeth missing. Replacing those teeth with a Dental Implant is the closest thing to having your real tooth back. And with today's technology, a Dental Implant will likely last a lifetime.

Other methods of replacing missing teeth (Bridges or Removable Partial Dentures) often need to be replaced once or twice and each replacement becomes more complicated, commonly involving additional teeth in the process. This can become very expensive over time. With a one-time investment in Dental Implants, you can have your smile back and save time, money and visits to the dental office.

From front teeth to back, Dr. Barber is qualified to restore your smile both functionally and aesthetically.

He has also developed special pricing on Dental Implants to help you afford to restore your chewing ability and your smile.

3) There is a large segment of our population that is lacking the help they desperately need. Dr. Barber noticed that there are many, many individuals who are often or almost constantly in pain due to bad teeth. Most of these people have been to the dentist and were told they could save their teeth if they wanted to. "Sure, let's save them Doc.", was the response they would give. Most people don't want to lose their teeth. Then they were told it was going to cost $15,000, $20,000, $25,000 to keep their teeth. Defeated, depressed, often angry, and feeling a sense of hopelessness, they left the dental office and continued to suffer; often having a tooth extracted from time to time so they could get relief from the most immediate pain and infection they were experiencing. Eventually, so many teeth had been removed, that eating, speaking, smiling and living a normal life became very difficult. Finally, they went to the dentist, had all of the remaining teeth extracted, and got dentures.

Dr. Barber came to realize that these folks need an alternative treatment option. During dental training, Dental Students are trained to save teeth at all costs. We, as Dentists, carry this philosophy into our practices, and often don't see beyond it, to those who can't (or don't want to) save their teeth.

Dr. Barber's epiphany…Why let these people suffer year after year? If someone is not able to save their teeth; if they are tired of the cycle of pain and infection; if their teeth are so bad that they don't smile anymore; if they are eventually going to have dentures anyway, AND they are well informed that wearing dentures can be a ROYAL PAIN IN THE MOUTH…Why not provide these folks with the option of having their teeth taken out? Wouldn't this take care of their main issue of painful or ugly teeth? After all, these are their teeth, why should we ignore the wishes of these people who are suffering?

If you are one of these folks, give Dr. Barber a call. He has developed cost-effective alternatives to help you get out of the vicious cycle of pain and infection, and GET YOUR SMILE BACK!

We are not your typical dental practice. Dr. Barber is among the most qualified and experienced dentists in the country, allowing him to provide care for people needing complex and advanced dental care.

He has acquired a combination of advanced training and credentials held by no other dentist in the world. This makes him a unique choice for the advanced dental needs of his patients. Dr. Barber's exceptional skills are complimented with his integrity and compassionate personality, providing a calming atmosphere to ensure that you will be relaxed and comfortable during your visit.

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*Dr. Barber's practice is focused on providing Extractions, Dentures, Implant Supported Dentures and Implants. Restorative dentistry (fillings, crowns, bridges), dental hygiene and treatment for gum conditions will be referred to a close-by dentist whom Dr. Barber trusts.